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Pre-Sale, Pre-Listing, New Construction Inspections: What's the Difference?

The only difference is when you order the inspection. There is a Standards of Practice for home inspection, so every home inspector has to follow the standards when doing any home inspection. It doesn't make any difference if a seller wants to know the condition of their house before putting it on the market, a buyer wants to know what they are purchasing, someone is building a home and wants a third party to check on construction, or if someone has lived in their home for a while and wants to know the overall condition of their home - it is all the same. The only deviation from the standards is when you, the client, request a limited inspection. An example would be : someone is concerned about moisture in the crawlspace, so they may request a crawlspace inspection. Someone just had repairs done on their house and wants a third party to check to see if the repairs are done correctly - that is a limited inspection. All inspections must follow the standards unless requested by the client, and then these limitations must be spelled out in the report. 

Inspection Types