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What is Certified?

My dictionary states that certified means 1. vouched for : guaranteed. 2. having a certificate. A certificate is a "written statement testifying to a fact, qualification, or promise". So when you hire a certified home inspector, you would naturally assume that inspector is guaranteed to be certified. My only question to you is, "Who wrote the certificate and are they qualified?" That may be an unfair question because you probably don't know all the home inspector organizations. The fairer question would probably be, "Are we comparing apples to apples?" Basically, are the home inspector national organizations' level of certification the same? Let me answer my own question for you. The NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) is a national organization that has established minimum criteria for issuing a statement for certification for all industries. You can only be part of the NCCA Accredited Program if you meet their criteria. There is only one home inspector organization that is part of the NCCA Accredited Program: ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. 

Also, the State of South Carolina doesn't require continuing education for home inspectors. That means that there is a good chance you may hire a home inspector who hasn't had any CEU's since they took the exam to get their license. ASHI requires 20 hours of CEU's each year, and not just any CEU's, but approved CEU's by ASHI. So, if continuing education and being certified is important to you, there is only one inspector you should call, an ASHI Certified Inspector.